Make Two 5.5″ Glass Bowls @ Oil & Cotton

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Under the supervision of artist Larry Pile, students will learn about kiln glass techniques and then will create a pair of lovely 5.5” glass bowls, using compatible glass and a variety of techniques taught by the instructor. Students can make matching sets or make each of the two bowls differently, using fusible glass supplied by the instructor. Students will learn about color theory, learn to cut glass circles and other shapes and will learn a bit about design skills as they create their two bowls.

The bowls will then be fired & slumped (shaped) in the instructor’s Kessler Park studio and returned within 7-10 days. Fun, unique and one-of-a-kind!

Larry Pile is an internationally-known, kiln formed glass artist. For the last 22 years, Larry has created stunning glass pieces imbued with color, texture and a touch of whimsy. Also an accomplished teacher and leader in the international glass community, he successfully brings the art of kiln formed glass to everyone!


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