For over two decades, glass artist Larry Pile has created innovative kiln-formed glass pieces using both traditional and innovative glass techniques.  His kilnformed glass pieces are imbued with bold color, intense form and captivating textures that distinguish his work.    Larry is a skilled teacher and innovator within the national and international kilnformed glass communities.  Larry works from his 1926 Tudor home and glass studio in the charming Kessler Park conservation district in Dallas, Texas.


what people are saying

“You’ve successfully shown your students that they can be glass artists too!” – Roger H

I have also purchased several of Larry’s Saturday Table Time classes and he is an excellent instructor.  Not only does he give access during the class, but he is always available by email to answer further questions when they arise.  I recently visited the Dallas area and took an in-person class with him.   He is so easy to be around…I had a great time.  He has truly enriched my knowledge through all the ways I mentioned!Lisa M. Glass Artist

“Larry is the best teacher I’ve ever had…he has an open heart, and open mind and he brings so much passion to glass; in his work and in his teaching.  He fills his students up with inspiration and creativity” – Toni L.

“Glass artist Larry Pile is fun, knowledgeable and applies a high level of integrity and quick wit to everything he does.  Larry is one hell of an artist!” – Barbara C

“I love the passion that you bring to glass.  You have a unique voice and your exuberance is readily on display in your art” – Ginny B

“I came all the way from Alaska to learn  from Larry.  You withheld nothing, teaching me so much about pulling cane.  Thank you for your generousity and for pulling together a diverse group of glass artists from around the world”!  Charlene H.